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Meetings and Other Activites

  • Collaboration on the Mill Street/Baltimore Avenue traffic calming concepts: On January 6, 2016, Craig Bachik, Navarro and Wright; Pam Still, Joe Andretti, Katie Daniels, and Alan Hass, Revitalization Committee; Annan Hollinger of Hollinger's Funeral Home; Bhavin and Bhaumik Patel of UGO (Sunoco); Rachel Bear, Dave Deutsch, and Deb Brophy of Whimsical Poppy; Phil Brandberg, representing Ron Stinson, RKS Investment (car wash); and Daniel Hurley, Hurley Salon of Barber met to discuss the Baltimore Avenue/Mill Street concept. The group discussed modifications made to the proposed roundabout drawing due to new construction of the UGO and accommodation for gas tanks at both UGO and Sheetz. Mr. Bachik reviewed the rational for considering a roundabout and other traffic calming features at this location, and business owners asked questions and voice concerns. The group discussed next steps, including the Borough Council review of the draft plan from Mr. Bachik, discussions with PennDOT, and the need for a larger group of volunteers to include key business owners (a business association or "friends" group). The Revitalization Committee handed out summary information about the project to aid in communication with customers of these business owners and offered to continue to meet with other business owners as needed. Annan Hollinger asked Craig Bachik to identify those intersections that would be redesigned to incorporate bump-outs or rain gardens to address traffic calming and MS4 stormwater compliance issues. The proposed intersections include: Harman Street, Church Street, Butler Street, McElwee, Stuart, Lenhart, Lauman.

  • On September 20, 2015 at 1PM (despite beautiful pre-fall weather and Sunday football) 80+ concerned residents attended the final public meeting for this project at the Holly Inn. State Representative Will Tallman, County Commissioner Jim Hertzler, Mayor Boise, and Mount Holly business owners Richard Gobin and Terry Rickert spoke. Streetscaping consultant, Craig Bachik (Navarro and Wright), showed a short video, then discussed the major problems identified by the revitatlization effort, listed recommended solutions, and indicated where the money would come from to fund these recommended solutions. (The committee handed out a copy of this information at the meeting; view an electronic copy.)

    The committee set up three feature-oriented stations, and residents reviewed and asked questions specific to roadway modification, round-abouts, traffic calming elements, rain gardens, and other improvements focused on environmental impact and beautification. In partnership with the Cumberland County Historical Society (courtesy The Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library), Pam Still interviewed long-time residents. View: Capturing the Heart and Soul of a Community We Call Mount Holly Springs.

    Questions Answered: Residents posed questions, which we have compiled and answered. Review these questions here (updated 10/17/15).

  • 80+ residents attended the third and final public meeting held at the Holly Inn. We heard from key stakeholders, reviewed concepts for solving specific problems, asked questions, bid on silent auction items donated by local businesses and residents, purchased a wide array of donated baked goods, and previewed the video of memories of several residents of Mount Holly Springs. Questions presented will be answered and posted on this site. We raised over $4400 from the silent auction, baked goods, and donations. This money will be deposited with the borough and used as matching funds for future grants.

  • At the second of three planned public meetings, nearly 200 concerned citizens and public officials saw concepts for three major intersections the length of Baltimore Avenue, entry into the borough from Yates and Mill Streets, and voted on these concepts PLUS ideas for trash cans, adult swings, fountains, benches, lighting, and more. The committee recorded a LOT of great, constructive feedback and noted strong opinions voiced. 

  • We heard from local bicycle club members on what we can do to make our town more bike friendly. They had some great ideas, and we're exploring ways to welcome them with bike-friendly "pit stops" and housing options.

  • We walked the town on June 15th to review the white dots you may have noticed on Baltimore Avenue, and talked with local business owners about some exciting new opportunities for "greening up" our town.

  • The Committee implemented Adopt a Block. If you are interested in improving the appearance of the public areas around your home? Contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to find out how to participate.

  • Members of the Committee and other volunteers completed a Holly Gap Preserve cleanup on April 13, 2015.

  • On April 19, 2015, you attended the first of three public meeting designed to communicate actions taken and to ask for input since Craig Bachik, landscape architect of Navarro & Wright Consulting Engineers, Inc. was hired to study our town. During the public meeting, we raised over $3700.00 from the bake sale and silent auction you participated in. This money will be allocated as "good faith" funds to assist us in obtaining grants for future revitalization efforts.

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